Thursday, 20 November 2014

Missing Downton?

Missing Downton? Yes, me too - although I didn't enjoy the last series quite as much as previous ones. For me there wasn't enough drama or tense enough cliffhangers at the end.

Having said that, I am still thrilled there will be another series next year. I'd tune in just for the sumptuous costumes and settings - and of course the dry comments from the Dowager Countess and Carson!

Anyway, if you fancy a fun, aristocratic read to tide you over, why not try Doubting Abbey which has just been reduced to a bargain price of £1.19!!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Just 99p for One Day!

I am very excited that today, on Downton Finale weekend, Doubting Abbey has been selected for the Kindle Daily Deal, and is just 99p! 

I am also thrilled to hear that a 6th Downton Abbey series has been confirmed. PLEASE let Carson and Mrs Hughes finally get together!!

HERE is the link if you fancy a 99p fun, aristocratic read - but hurry, the offer ends at midnight!!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Christmas is Coming...

To celebrate the start of the new Downton Abbey series, my debut novel, Doubting Abbey, returns to its glorious Christmas cover! 

So, what did we all think of last night's first episode (non-UK citizens turn away now!)? I felt sorry for Edith, but not just because of the baby - she actually had physical contact with creepy Thomas! I hope he now leaves Baxter alone, seeing as her secret is out.

On the subject of children, though, goodness, haven't they grown? Whereas the rest of the cast don't seem to age at all. Mind you, Molesley was clearly feeling the passing of time, what with his hair dye - bless! And aren't times a moving, what with Lady Mary considering a week of debauchery with Lord Gillingham?

Lord Grantham was on top form, taking control of the hose (avoiding a double entendre joke here). Those fireman outfits were rather jolly, and reminded me of the old kids show, Camberwick Green...

The huge delight for me though, as usual, was the witticisms, along with the offended tones of the Dowager Countess and Carson - I wonder if George Clooney will be able to charm them in the Christmas episode?! Roll on December! Mmm, I might go and make some mince pies now...

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Festival of Romantic Fiction Shortlisting!

Goodness me. I am still recovering from the exciting news that Doubting Abbey has been shortlisted for the Festival of Romantic Fiction's Best E-book award. The ceremony is in a couple of weeks, so I guess I'd better brush down my posh frock - or even better, buy a new one!

The competition is fierce, but I'm just so thrilled to be on this list, it makes all the sweat and tears - and hours at my desk, eating chocolate! - worthwhile.

Best of luck to everyone. Further details of the other shortlists - for authors and the romantic fiction industry - are here.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Tips For An Online Launch Party!

Well, From Paris with Love is finally "out there" and on Thursday I held a wonderful online launch party, on Facebook. I've done a few of these now, so here are a few tips to make yours enjoyable, based on what works for me:

I find setting it over lunchtime is most successful, that way people in work can pop in during their lunchtime - mine was from 11am to 2pm. Also, unless you have lots of giveaways and subjects to discuss, setting it for many hours means it can end up being very quiet.

Prepare lots of fun photos to upload eg of booze for the guests, savoury snacks, cake, handsome guests - then in between competitions you have plenty to discuss, eg what is your guests' favourite sweet nibble or tipple.

Make sure there is going to be plenty going on - I set one competition each hour, and make the entry question easy for lots of people to participate. My book, From Paris with Love has the themes of France, food, spies and rockstars, so I set the questions around those themes, but in a general way, eg, what is the best meal you have ever eaten out? Then, I would pick a winner  out of a hat (or beret!) from everyone who left a comment. If you make the questions more specific, eg related to the book or its prequel (if it has one) you risk alienating people who are new to you as an author - they won't be able to take part. 

Have decent prizes - they needn't be too expensive. Mine were gifts related to Paris, eg a bookmark and notebook, plus an Amazon voucher is always a good prize to fall back on. 

Make it fun! And most importantly, acknowledge every single comment - if people have given up their valuable time to participate, that is the least you owe them.

Enjoy it! Online launch parties, especially for us e-authors, can make your day very, very special. 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

It's Publication Day!

Finally it's arrived, the day I've been waiting for - the publication of my second novel, From Paris with Love. It follows the relationship of bonkers Gemma and Lord Edward, from Doubting Abbey, as they spend a month in Paris - although this book can be read as a standalone.

I'll be touring some lovely blogs over the next two weeks  and if you buy the book, I do hope you enjoy it. Some wonderful 4* and 5* reviews have already rolled in on Amazon and GoodReads.

Right, better go and get ready for my Facebook launch party - do come along if you can. My gorgeous (and knows it) female cat Mitzie has already packed her clutch bag :). 

From Paris with Love is available to buy from UK and US Amazon and other good e-book retailers.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Launch Party Prizes!

This Thursday 24th July sees the launch of my second novel From Paris with Love - just in case I haven't mentioned it before (which, um, is highly unlikely!) Below are photos of the prizes for three competitions I shall be running. There's a £10 Amazon voucher up for grabs, which would cover the cost of my book, plus leave change for another purchase! Plus a fancy Paris bookmark, and a cute Eiffel Tower necklace. Also vintage Paris themed coasters and a fab notebook.

I do hope you'll join me on Thursday, at my online Facebook event, before 11am and 2pm. There will, of course, be unlimited virtual cake and champagne... :)